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This amino acid is the most important of the branched ones, as it is a powerful responsible for the stimulation signal of protein synthesis. We find the important branched chain amino acids as premium fuel during muscle exercise, and "preferred" building blocks for recovery immediately afterwards.

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Often the athlete tends to forget and underestimate how much the maintenance of physiological hydration is a determining factor for the level of performance, as well as for the entire efficiency of the body's physiology. It is therefore essential to ensure our body to provide it with a support of electrolytes quickly and effectively bioavailable, which can favor the maintenance of hydration, especially during intense workouts where there is a loss of these precious elements together with fluids with sweating.

Involved in the exchange of nitrogen between tissues and in the production and storage of glucose, it also plays a very important role as a moisturizer of the muscle cell.

It is important to read the labels carefully! Nutritional information.

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